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Polishing ring
Princess Cut Diamond
Diamond Eternity Ring
Diamond ring
Image by Lucas Santos
Image by Jakob Owens

Sovereign Diamonds Ltd, is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of high-end diamond jewelry with roots deep in India, Europe, and the USA.

Image by Deena Englard

Sovereign Jewellery has been the measure for excellence of high end 18Kt diamond studded jewelry for more than a decade now. Over the years we have gained the reputation of making probably the best finished jewelry from India. We have carved a niche for our brand in the European market. Very high levels of quality control measures using microscopes are carried out at all stages of the jewelry manufacturing processes. Sovereign Jewellery is proud of its limited yet strong client focus and long-term relationships. Very efficient service, consistency and prompt deliveries are our strengths. We make a product which is a classic and ideal for any good Retailer. Hoping we can make you a part of Sovereign.

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